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    G'day, mate. I am Steen Winther and this is a blog where I present work from some of the assignments connected with my product design course, aka Turbine151 Studio 1 (See more at the webpage http://turbine151.com/)
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Finalised Gallardo Tutorial

Just wanted to show the finalised Gallardo after Dan Lavoie’s wonderful tutorial. It is a larger build than his Audi, but also more rewarding. Not without issues, though. I did most of the body part, approximately one third of the whole tutorial, before coming to a dead end where none of the prescribed commands worked. … Continue reading

Olsryd 9 cylinder radial engine in SolidWorks

Vacation time is SolidWorks time and I am happy to present possibly my biggest SolidWorks model to date: The Olsryd 9 cylinder radial engine. This is a quarter scale model of the Wright J-5 Whirlwind engine that powered Lindberg’s Spirit of St. Louis. It is designed by the late Swedish modeller Karl-Erik Olsryd and the … Continue reading

Steen’s Sten gun in SolidWorks

Ever wondered how a submachine gun works? The British Sten gun from 1942 is a good example of a typical submachine gun. Its called “sub” machine gun because it uses low powered pistol ammunition instead of full power rifle cartridges. It operates with a blow-back bolt, which means that the bolt is not locked but … Continue reading

Halo radial engine SolidWorks model

Halo is a little 5 cylinder radial engine that runs on compressed air. I have a soft spot for radials, so I purchased the drawings for this from Liney Machine and build it in SolidWorks. Much easier than to build in metal, and with less clean-up afterwards.

Plastic clock in SolidWorks

This is a SolidWorks model of a functioning plastic clock that I bought from Australian Geographic in 2005. It does keep time, but runs a bit reluctantly due to friction in the bearings. Building it in SolidWorks allowed me to discover how a clock actually works: The drive train consists of a large number of … Continue reading

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